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About Sam Johnson

I’m currently a Political Science major at Virginia Tech, minoring in International Relations. I have grown up on the east coast my whole life, living in North Carolina with my parents growing up, and heading down to Virgina to go to school. After high school, I took a few years off of school to start my own business that picked up people after a night of drinking to try and eliminate drunk driving. After about a year of success with my local company, Uber and Lyft came out, causing a dramatic decrease in my revenue. I was unable to support the business anymore, so I decided to go back to school, where I found my passion through politics. I was so fascinated, and still am, about the recent election with Trump and Clinton, and going to school during the time of the election, studying Political Science, was truly blessed to be going to school studying politics through such a controversial election. I absolutely love politics and love to get into discussions with people with different beliefs. I love to hear other people’s side, and their viewpoints, because I truly believe that knowledge is power, and it’s so important to put yourself in other people’s shoes with different opinions and lifestyles. Thanks for checking out my blog!


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