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3 Twenty-somethings share why they love banging older milfs

The concept of dating MILFs has gained some serious popularity in recent years. But the question on a lot of people’s minds is still “why?”. When you think of the ideal sex object, one’s mind usually jumps to some thin, busty, blonde girl barely in her 20s. For some I’d imagine their mind has begun to jump to hot mature women who are easily old enough to – well – be their mother.
What about MILFs has caused there to be this big of shift toward MILF porn, toward younger guys dating older women, toward the ideal sex symbol being a total cougar?
Well, we asked a few guys in their twenties who are obsessed with MILFs why they’re so into dating (and banging) older, more mature women.
Q: So, how old are you guys?
Guy A: I’m 24.
Guy B: Just turned 28.
Guy C: I’m 21, almost 22.
Q: What about a woman-of-a-certain-age is attractive to you?
Guy A: I’ve always been into older women. My first crush was on one of my mom’s friends, so I guess I’m just naturally into older women.
Guy B: I’ve just started to work my way up in my company, I’m working my ass off, and to be honest the last thing I want to do is date girls my own age. With sites like Cougar Life and Seeking Arrangement or Cougar Dating Hookup, it’s easier to find women who know what they want. I don’t need a girl who can barely figure out where she wants to go to dinner much less what she wants in a partner.
Guy C: I’ve tried dating and hooking up with girls my own age and I’ve just found it really boring. A lot of girls in my age range have no idea what they’re doing in bed and I’m not that experienced either – I was a late bloomer – so it doesn’t help when neither of us are particularly experienced. For me, getting with older women has been helping me figure out my way around the bedroom.
Q: Is there an element of giving up control for you when you hook up with a MILF?
Guy A: Not really. I usually like taking control in the bedroom. Or letting the power ebb and flow. I’m not really a submissive guy in the bedroom at all.
Guy B: Yes. I’m one of those people who needs to let go every once in a while. And since I can’t really do that at work or take too many vacation days, I think that place for me is definitely in the bedroom.
Guy C: Yes. I mean I try to take control when it’s clear that she wants me to. But a lot of my sexual experiences usually start with the woman in control and end that way too. Again, I’m just starting to getting used to humping something other than my pillow.
Q: Do you watch MILF porn?
Guy A: I’ve always watched MILF porn. Teen porn or porn with younger girls never did it for me. So, when I discovered the “mature” section on PornHub right as I hit puberty, it was like striking gold.
Guy B: Yes. I usually watch MILF or mature porn or something involving a dominatrix.
Guy C: Yes and no. I like a little bit of everything.
Q: What about incest porn?
Guy A: Yes. Step-mom and Daughter/Son stuff is my favorite.
Guy B: Yes, but only because a lot of MILF porn involves that sort of stuff.
Guy C: Sometimes I come across it when I’m looking at mature porn but I usually skip to another video as soon as the word “mommy” are involved. That shit kills my boner

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