Why Hillary Clinton’s “Free” College Tuition Plan Won’t Work

Finally, a political proposal that almost every college student really cares about: tuition. It’s no secret that college tuitions are consistently increasing and are arguably one of the biggest corporate scams in America. Hillary Clinton recently proposed her “New College Compact” plan for free college tuition for the Nation’s public universities. Sounds pretty great, right? Who wouldn’t be on board for the idea of going to college for free? It would open the doors of opportunity for so many people, and would minimize the student loan debt so many graduates are drowning in. Sorry to break it to you blind optimists, but this plan will never work, and we’re about to tell you why.

First, let’s break down the facts of what exactly Hillary is proposing with some direct quotes:

“Under the plan, which was outlined by Clinton advisers on Sunday, about $175 billion in grants would go to states that guarantee students would not have to take out loans to cover tuition at four-year public colleges and universities. In return for the money, states would have to end budget cuts to increase spending over time on higher education, while also working to slow the growth of tuition, though the plan does not require states to cap it.”

“Military veterans, lower-income students and those who complete a national service program, like AmeriCorps, would go to school for free in the Clinton plan”

“Student borrowers would be expected to work at least 10 hours a week to contribute while their families would continue contributing under the current income-based model. Clinton’s plan would also expand a tax credit from $1,000 to $2,500 for families paying for college.”

“According to the Clinton campaign, the plan will cost $350 billion over ten years but will be “fully paid for by limiting certain tax expenditures for high-income taxpayers.”

So basically, Hillary has got herself a ten-year-plan to make college more affordable, and she plans on doing this with $350 billion of taxpayer subsidies. Hillary is totally on point when she declares that colleges lack transparency and are overpriced, and puts students in a deep hole of debt. “College is supposed to help people achieve their dreams, but more and more paying for college actually pushes those dreams further and further out of reach,” Hillary asserted. “That is a betrayal of everything college is supposed to represent.”

We can’t say that we disagree with what Hillary is condemning our university system for. And we’re certainly saying we don’t want free college. Recent statistics will physically make your stomach hurt. More than a handful of colleges this year charged their students over $50,000 a year in room, board and tuition. That is atrocious. Charts show that college tuition has gone up more rapidly than health care and housing costs in the past decade.

Clearly, something must be done, but Hillary’s plan sure as hell isn’t the answer.

You might be asking yourself, so how exactly are colleges getting away with these sky high tuitions? I don’t know about you, but it sure doesn’t seem to make much sense to me. Despite your initial reactions, the answer is actually that the government keeps putting more and more subsidies into these colleges. What do these subsidies look like? They’re grants, scholarships, student loans, and all of the other taxpayer-funded tuition assistance. In other words, the more “free money” the government grants to colleges in tuition assistance, the more the colleges raise the costs of tuition to fill that gap. Pretty twisted, right? But now you should be getting a better idea of why Hillary’s plan would never work.

Hillary’s plan wouldn’t work because she is proposing that taxpayers give even MORE money to universities. And remember, that is what making tuitions higher in the first place: taxpayers money. This is the reason so many people are shooting down Hillary’s plan. Even Mark Cuban chimed in, saying, “Hillary’s plan] stands a better chance of increasing the amount of money students owe than decreasing it. How? Just as easy money led to the real estate bubble a few years ago, the easier it is to borrow money for college the easier it is for colleges to raise tuition. Tuition keeps going up because no matter how high they raise it, students can still borrow more to pay for it.”

So, what should happen instead of Hillary’s New College Compact Plan? We can start by having all state legislatures requiring an in-depth audit of all the public universities. This is going to shine a light on all the money that is being wasted. There’s evidence that this strategy could potentially lower tuition costs because it happened to the College of DuPage in Illinois. The auditors found so much wasted money and fraud, they were able to get rid of the corrupt officials and consequently lowered tuition costs this year.

Giving away more free money simply isn’t the answer. Universities want low-income students to enroll and take out loans, because if these kids end up dropping out, they leave the college with the taxpayers money. And as unfortunate as it is, that’s the reality of it: these low-income students are usually less prepared and in result more likely to drop out.
Thefederalist.com sums up this point by reporting, “Colleges accept students who simply are not prepared for actual college work. They do this because kids can get taxpayers’ money for college with little to no proof they deserve the money by having produced an exemplary academic record. Clinton’s plan would increase this by giving colleges more money for enrolling more low-income and minority kids, whose academic records are on average of worse quality.”

Unfortunately, free college isn’t a luxury we will be able to reap the benefits from anytime soon. If a solution for free college exists, it sure isn’t lying within Hillary Clinton. Hillary’s plan would cause colleges to raise the tuition costs – not lower it.

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